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Flygvärdinnan Sara får inte bära slöja


Sara Hedlund, 32 är flygvärdinna och får bära slöja - men bara så länge planet står på marken. När hon är ombord är hon tvungen att ta av sig sjalen.
- Jag känner mig kränkt och mår dåligt, säger den sjukskrivna Sara



Sweden: Stewardess ill from headscarf restrictions


Sara Hedlund, 32, får inte böra slöja i luften.

Sara Hedlund (32), a stewardess for  Malmö Aviation is prevented from wearing a headscarf while aboard the plane.  She says she feels insulted and got ill due to this.


When she was first employed by the company, two years ago, the administration sent out an internal email to all employees saying they will include a headscarf in the uniform regulations.  However, her boss told her a couple of weeks later that she should take her headscarf off, as they would lose passengers otherwise.


The company says that she should have brought this issue up with her boss and that she wouldn't lose her job because of it.