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Halifax Today

Supermarket says sorry in hijab row

Emily Heward




A security guard at the new Morrisons store at Illingworth, Halifax, told the 65-year-old Muslim she couldn't go inside unless she took off the headwear, which covers the hair for religious reasons. The woman said she was left "humiliated and embarrassed"


Daily Mail   

Cambridge University allows Muslim students to wear burkas under their mortar boards at graduation



Respect for the burka: Cambridge has clarified that clothing linked to religious observance is allowed at graduation. Cambridge University will allow female Muslim students to wear burkas at graduation ceremonies, it emerged yesterday.



Reading Islam  

I Was Taught to Hate Islam

A Greek Woman Embraces Islam



How could these people preach for God and goodness, and at the same time steal from the church's funds, buy villas, and own Mercedes cars, and spread homosexuality amongst them?



Turkey opens academic year with chronical ban on hijab

World Bulletin / News Desk




Turkish university students have faced on Monday again the chronical ban on headscarf as new registration term has started. Headscarved students who want to register the faculties removed their hijab for carrying out their application ....


World Hum  

Interview With Rose Hamid:

Flight Attendant, Hijab Wearer

Andrea Cooper



Muslim women who wear the hijab have probably gotten accustomed to the occasional uneasy glance from fellow passengers when they fly on U.S. airlines. But what if that woman with the head covering who’s walking down ..


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Oppression !!

Veil-wearing French policewoman to face panel


Ga. woman sues Atlanta police over hijab dispute


Kazakhstan Teacher Not Allowed To Wear Hijab At School


Vandalism at Calif. Muslim Candidate's Home


Muslim woman harassed at Dayton airport

Defendant Kills Witness in German Courtroom


Students protest France anti-hijab law

Oklahoma Muslims Asked to Challenge Anti-Hijab Legislation


German Ban on Headscarves Violates Rights

Controversial "hijab proposal" withdrawn




 ill from headscarf restrictions




International Women’s Day: Looking Back